Isolte Avila

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Isolte was born in Cuba and trained with the Cuban ballet and members of the Alvyn Ailey Dance Company. She has a degree in dance from the California Institute of the Arts. Isolte studied and danced with Ismael Ivo and spent many summers at the wonderful Tanz Impuls Vienna . She also danced with Carlos Ortas's ChoreoArte in Venezula.
She is the founder of the art form 'Signdance Theatre' and original pioneer of signdance™ created in 1987. Since the beginning, Isolte has developed the movement for many of the company's pioneering and award-winning performances. In 2001 Isolte formed Signdance Collective with Welsh actor David Bower.  Since then she has had the privilege of collaborating with Ana Monro Theatre Company, with Kate Lawrence UK and Ornella D'Agostino Carovana SMI.  Isolte is an international performer, collaborator and movement director at the Signdance Collective.