Writing Digital Theatre


Writing for Digital Theatre is a practical workshop that will help you write and develop engaging and interesting theatre plays to livestream.

Digital theatre is a hybrid art form and writing for it has its own unique language. This workshop will teach you that writing for Digital Theatre is new way of approaching both the stage and the audience, as they have been redefined for the online media.

Digital writing focuses on the digital audiences to avoid the main issue practitioners are encountering in digital performances, and that is the terrible feeling of them being “audienceless”. That feeling is what gets them labeled “not theatre”.

Enroll in this workshop and learn how to transcreate into this new language.

Topics for this course

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Creative Writing Workshop?

You will have to write a five minutes Digital Theatre play to develop during the course.
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Writing Digital Theatre

About the instructors

Beatriz Cabur is an awarded theatre director and playwright, living in London and working internationally. She has written and directed over 40 plays in 6 countries: the UK, the USA, Spain, Mexico, Italy, and Austria. Beatriz is an innovative and multi-faceted theatre professional with 20+ years of experience and a decade of expertise in digital and online theatre, directing and creating plays for zoom, youtube, facebook, twitter, skype and livestream channels since 2012. She is also a proven leader of international cultural organizations, known for her strategic and focused approach and for providing best-in-class cross-cultural management. Currently, she is Chief Strategist of Theatre.University For more information about them and their work go to beatrizcabur.com
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  • A degree in Creative Writing, Theatre/Drama Studies, Literature, Film and Media Studies, and/or Performance studies.
  • You may be asked to provide a piece of creative writing if you do not hold a degree in a relevant field.

Target Audience

  • Playwrights