What is Digital Theatre


There are four circumstances that need to happen for us to define Theatre as Digital

1.There has to be some form of digital technology in the staging

2.There has to be an actor performing live on stage

3.It has to have a pre-established structure

4.There has to be verbal, visual and / or musical elements

And a fifth one for it to be Online Theatre

5.There has to be an open bidirectional channel between the audience and the stage, that allows them to communicate live.

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About the instructors

Beatriz Cabur is an awarded theatre director and playwright. She has written and directed over 35 plays which have been produced in 6 countries: Spain, Mexico, Italy, Austria, the UK and the USA. Beatriz is an innovative and multi-faceted theatre professional with 20+ years of experience, a versatile theatre director and playwright with a decade expertise in digital and online theatre, directing and creating plays for zoom, facebook, twitter, skype and livestream channels since 2012. For more information about them and their work go to beatrizcabur.com
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