Intro to transmedia theatre


Join us to experience first-hand how transmedia storytelling can enhance your digital theatre practice!

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Intro to transmedia theatre

What is Transmedia?00:04:25
Transmedia applied to theatre00:03:45
Transmedia theatre – case study00:05:15
Design thinking applied to theatre00:05:33
How to get started00:01:00
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About the instructors

Belén Santa-Olalla

Theatre director and immersive storytelling

  • Merging online and offline to create immersive experiences.
  • Mixing performing arts and participation into transmedia storyworlds.
  • Developing technology and storytelling for crisis simulations.
Experience as a narrative consultant, stage director, speaker, playwright, producer, lecturer, creative coach... Too many different titles, but a unique aim: tell stories in order to touch, train, communicate, entertain or teach - providing the audience not with answers, but with questions. Interests and skills: #transmedia #storytelling #immersion #crisissimulation #narrativedesign #mixedreality #playwriting #designthinking #creativity #technology #XR #theatre
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