Caridad Svich by Jody Christopherson

Playwriting is Dreaming

The basics of Playwriting: Playwriting is Dreaming is a ten video lecture course from an artivist/cultural dreamer, poetic lens. A course that unfolds as a series of love letters to the theatre, guided prompts on creating new work, ways of thinking expansively as a theatre-maker, […]

LIVE THE WORDS: Voice, Accents and Confidence on Stage

Gordon Faith has been teaching voice and speech since the glory days of the BBC and enjoys his work as much today as he ever has. His extensive background as a professional actor and radio broadcaster makes his experience and skill base rare commodities indeed. Gordon is equally content coaching students and actors as he is mentoring business leaders, or teaching speech confidence and elocution. So whether you seek voice and speech help for business, personal or professional reasons, Gordon would love to hear from you.

Specialities: Interview technique; Vocal Projection; Elocution and Accents; Stage, Broadcast and Client-Facing confidence.

Audition Technique for Actors

In this course, you will learn to quickly analyze a script to present your strongest choices, submit industry standard self-taped auditions, get tips for live audition technique, and receive personalized feedback from your instructor on submissions and assignments.  Take the guesswork out of working in […]

Accent Quickie – Standard British

This video covers 4 of the top characteristics that make a British dialect distinguishable and teaches you how to reproduce them. For each characteristic, I first describe how a Standard American speaker would pronounce the sound, and then teach you what to do phonetically to […]

What is Digital Theatre

There are four circumstances that need to happen for us to define Theatre as Digital 1.There has to be some form of digital technology in the staging 2.There has to be an actor performing live on stage 3.It has to have a pre-established structure 4.There […]

Writing Digital Theatre

Writing for Digital Theatre is a practical workshop that will help you write and develop engaging and interesting theatre plays to livestream. Digital theatre is a hybrid art form and writing for it has its own unique language. This workshop will teach you that writing […]